Online Bingo sites, a New World for Women


Today online gaming belongs to daily life activities. Even when you aren’t a serious online gamer you can’t reject that you don’t play a game sometimes. Think about a fast game of Sudoku on your mobile phone or solitaire on your Computer. But what types of games are people love playing these days?

Men like types related to action, consider about shooting, adventure, sports and racing. Women like types related to casual games as puzzling, brain preparation and playing cards. An online bingo game is firstly a men’s world. Online gambling is fairly new but an industry that raises fast. Previous year new online bingo sites UK saw an increase of online bingo players. Especially new women are playing bingo games online; we see a growth of 46%.


‘UK Players review 2016/2017’ shows that generally more men gamble online. But when we look at different sites we see something else. More women (16%) play free online bingo games on portals then men (14%) do. When we look at comforts, the numbers are almost even, men (10%) and women (9%). Mobile phones and Computer games stand out in this review. 17% of the women play online bingo games on their mobile phone in contrast with men with a small 8%. If we look at PC games, again 17% of the women play bingo games. Only 7% of the men play bingo games on their PC.


When we look at the online games women like to play in an online bingo we see also a change. Initially women liked bingo online. With the growth of gambling online, women play more different online games. Slots are one of the new Favorites games of women. Also casino and roulette become popular games in online bingo sites. Live croupiers, live dealers and the option of chatting with other players make these games interesting for women.

Gambling Online in an online bingo looks a new and upcoming world for women. As a women myself, I can see that an online bingo games feels save evaluate to a real life bingo. You can play whenever you like and wherever you want. No trying men flirting with you. No require to dress up. Just a minute to enjoy yourself with a best online bingo offers in your own comfortable home, and hopefully some winnings too!


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